This happened when I was six. I was at a birthday party at Amy's. Now if you've ever been to Amy's you would understand this situation. Amy's front yard is a little slice of heaven. Strategically placed statues and lush plants graced the landscape. All the kids at this birthday party were playing a game in the front yard. Being the neglected child that I was, I wandered off and played by myself. And then I saw it. The Bonsai trees.

Amy's dad planted a row of Bonsai trees along the entrance of the house. They were beautiful. I remember thinking they looked like perfect round clouds. How I wondered what it would feel like to sit on a cloud. Temptation took over. It broke off. I remember Amy's dad cradling his broken Bonsai branch and yelling out "Who did this? You kids are evil!"

To this day I haven't told him the truth. Ashamed. Every time I come over to Amy's and see those Bonsai trees…sends shivers down my spine.

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