Why is it the "in" thing to have a Disney Pass? It seems like everyone I know is in love with Disneyland. Why is it that even as a child I did not like that place? Was it the fact that the employees were obliged to "keep the magic alive"? Disneyland to me just seems so haunting. There's this fa├žade that they put up for the world to nibble off. You know; the happy animals in human clothes, the bright colors, the happy faces. What do I see? A tortured soul suffocating in a heat suit, too many layers of paint, and sore cheeks.
Let me tell you the real reason why I refuse to go back to Disneyland: When I was 8, I went to Disneyland with my sisters, friends and possibly some cousins. I remember waiting in line with the rest of them while we were ordering food. I remember my dad holding my hand and walking away from our group. I followed him thinking he's finally going to take me to the ride I wanted to go on. I followed him as he held my hand and walked faster and faster. I can't remember how long we walked but I do remember when I realized that my dad didn't come with us, he was working.
I remember looking up at someone I did not recognize and thinking "why the fuck is he holding my hand (but not in those exact words)?" I did however muster enough courage to yank my hand back and run away.
The worst part was being lost and constantly thinking he'd find me. This is why I don't like Disneyland. So please, don't invite me.

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