I haven't been this proud of myself in a long time.

I'm a quitter.

Not even tempted.

There are boxes full of cartons of temptation in my living quarters and I haven't even thought about it.

People have been blowing it in my face, and it doesn't faze me.

I guess I'm a lot more mentally stable than I thought.

Try me.


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Jasarin said...

hey christine! i'm a fan of ur youtube blog.. i think you're a smart cookie and sucha cutie!

i'm so glad i found ur (written) blog. i've been reading all the entries.. you're so entertaining both to watch and to read.. i hope u keep going with your writing b/c you're so witty with it!

since you haven't write anything else for over a month. i hope u don't feel the way you did anymore.. y'know, u mentioned about how you don't feel proud of yourself and whatnot.

don't be too hard on yourself.. 20 yrs old is soooo young! you're only just at the begining to finding out who you are.. what you want.. what make u happy and all that.

i'm 28 yrs old.. but i still have a lot to learn both about myself and the world. it will never end.. but you'll enjoy it more as u get older. ;)

u can find me here.. >> jessarin.com -x-