I've alway felt as though wearing heels on a daily basis would be overkill but Raych and Pat (check out their blogs) have proved me wrong. They always look ridiculously ferocious, so I decided to start wearing heels everyday. Though my collection is not nearly as expansive as theirs, I've picked out my three favorites to share with you.
Far Left: Miss Sixty- I love how this pair is seriously strappy... for that unmistakable dose of disrespect.
Center: Steve Madden- I just really like the lines and these are easy to match with any outfit.
Far Right: Jeffrey Campbell- I love these oxfords. They're just classic, you can never go wrong (I also have them in black).

When looking for shoes, I always buy thicker heels. I can balance way better in thicker heels which assures me a more comfortable walk. I also look for shoes that strap up to the ankle, just because I can hardly walk in pumps, I need something to strap my foot down and keep it in place.

And as I've learned from Pat, you HAVE to get your shoes reheeled! They're an investment piece (like a car or house), so they require maintenance.


Jessica said...

whoaaa i totally love those heels!! =)

andrea said...

Those are all siiiiiiick.

Anonymous said...

Love the heels, Miss Sixty are my faves :)

Hello Naka said...

strappy heels! I love them.

I just bought some heels but I cant get out of the door in them without tripping XD

Unknown said...

You've got great taste! Love the shoes, love the youtube vids, keep it up!
greetings from Belgium!

from http://style4guys.blogspot.com