new hair

My friend Manee came into my work a while back and blatantly told me I could really lose some weight...in my hair. He told me I had way too much hair on the sides and back of my hair which made it look even shorter (since I've been trying to grow it out). He cut the entire hair-do with a razor blade and took off uncomfortable chunks of hair.
The result: I feel as though I have a much better shape to my hair, it's much lighter in weight, and although he cut hair off, I feel as though my hair is longer. I'm very happy with it.


Anonymous said...

it's really really pretty.
i'm actually quite jealous :/

A said...

It looks really nice.

Style & Beyond said...

cute hair!!! :)


Linh said...

Your hair looks lovely! It really suits you.

I've got long hair at the moment and I'm wanting to get a huge chop - around the same length as yours. Is it long enough that you can tie it up?