in action.

My first Vimeo upload.

I just received my dreamachine in the mail today and decided to test it out. Didn't have time to set it up correctly, but I put it by my window and let light pour in. The slowest speed setting did not do anything for me but as soon as I sped it up, colors started pouring in.

Now, if light from my window can cause this effect, imagine what a 100 watt light bulb can do!


Unknown said...

Great music to go with!!


Lauren said...

i love it!

Catie! said...

Soooooo cool! What website did you get it from? I've been trying to find one!

chrissstttiiine said...


but i was extremely disappointed to find that I paid $75 just for a lampshade. They didn't supply you with a rotation source or light source. You have to build a project around that.

if you can find the pattern somewhere and just make it yourself, I'm sure it'll turn out a lot better because this was just a black sheet of acetate with cutouts. Not worth 75 hard earned bucks in my opinion.

Ronnie Barrows said...

I was curious who made the toy-piano music in the video? Sounds Yann Tiersen-esque, but I'm guessing it's not him?

I don't think I've ever posted on your blog before, but I quite enjoy it.

chrissstttiiine said...

It's Yann Tiersen! You're absolutely right. It's from Rue des Cascades "Prière n°2".

And thank you for such a nice comment. I've seen your blog from William's links.