hello nasty, where you been?

Alright I know.  What am I doing posting the Beastie Boys on this blog, but hear me out.  My older sister Ann was our biggest musical influence when we were younger and she bought this album and it changed the way I looked at music in general.  I've never been one for Rap or Hip Hop, but this album played a huge part in my younger, developing years.  Okay, okay, I know these three songs aren't considered "Rap" and in no way do they portray the image of the Beastie Boys, but hey...these few songs got me to listen to the entire album, and I still catch myself missing those days in our tiny, shaggy rugged living room.  I love you very much, Ann.  Hope you're comfortable in Ecuador, or where ever you are.  Come back to us soon, Laika.

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