thank you for the package, julie.

A few months ago I was on the hunt for a new mascara.  This japanese one called "Fairy Drops" caught my eye but I never got around to purchasing it and now it's no where to be found (besides the internet).  A few days ago, I ended up purchasing the product from Ebay and after serving jury duty this morning, I decided to stop by my parent's to see if the package has arrived.  It hasn't.  However, this massive box was waiting for me instead.  Incredibly confused, I saw that it was from New York from a girl name Julie.  The first thought that came to my mind was "Why would my friend from elementary school send this package?"  I opened it and saw the gifts inside.  Such a sweet birthday surprise. 
Julie is a viewer/reader who saw my post and emailed me about the mascara.  Not only did she send me the mascara, she sent me a million other things.  If I were any more excited, I'd have a heart attack.  Seriously. 
She wrote a 4 page letter in her perfect penmanship explaining every product, which seriously pumps me up even more to try everything out.  
Julie, if you're reading this, I can't thank you enough for everything.  Your kindness honestly made my day.  If there's anything in particular you're looking for, or just want to try out, please please please let me know. 


Unknown said...

thats so sweet & exciting!!

i was at mitsuwa yesterday and i was tempted to get this lash lengthening mascara.


Minnie said...

That's so cute of her! You have great followers.

Anonymous said...

how sweet and she got u morrocan oil cool

Anonymous said...

That was sweet of Julie!

Lynnsee Pedersen said...

That morrocan oil has a really strong but lovely smell.

christine said...


sephora carries fairy drops.