at the expense of the American Dream.

The flight home was a touch more unbearable this time around.  He leaves the airport with his loyal driver waiting patiently in his Lincoln town car.  

"Where to, Sir?"

"Just take me home", the heavily starched button-down, deep-pocketed gentleman sighs gently.

The drive home is relatively peaceful.  There is a static in the air, for we know the season is about to change.  This is his favorite time of the year.  The grass is just a shade greener. 

"Driver?  Would it be alright if we take the long route home? I'd like to take a moment to think and the view ought to be pleasant."

Our driver does this upon demand, he has no place to be in particular and he could use the view as well. 

They drive between gorgeous green meadows with blooming buds.  Our protagonist takes a moment to reflect upon his previous month. 

They drive for about 15 minutes when he notices a man eating grass in the meadow.  

"Stop the car!", the deep-pocketed gentleman demands.

He rolls down his window and shouts, "Excuse me Sir, why may I ask are you eating grass?"

"I don't have money for food, this is all I've got", the grass-eater explains.

Without hesitation, the deep-pocketed gentleman says, "Come with me, I will provide you with all the food you will ever need."

"I cannot come with you", the grass-eater says, "I've got a wife and two kids waiting for me at home."

"Do they eat grass as well?"

"Yes, its all we've got."

"Well", says the wealthy gentleman, "We shall fetch them and bring them along with us.  I will provide for your entire family."

And so they drive to the poor man's cottage and fetch his family.

As they approach the gentleman's mansion, the poor wife says, "You're too kind Sir, God bless your soul."

They arrive at the gentleman's estate and everyone exits the vehicle.  The wealthy gentleman guides the poor family towards his yard where everything has grown beyond the point of being manicured.  No landscaper would ever dare touch this neglected jungle.

"Go on", says the deep-pocketed gentleman, "Feast upon my yard".


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