When I was in kindergarten, like many little girls, I had a Bonnebell glittery chapstick that I would wear around my neck like a necklace. I'm sure it was the "in" thing when I was five.

I still remember her name; Annabell (I remember this fondly because it rhymes with Bonnebell). Annabell asked me if she could use my chapstick. Being the germaphobe that I was, I denied her of her request.

Wrong choice of words.

Annabell threatened to tell the teacher that I refused to "share". We had just learned the art of "sharing" a day or two ago so I would've been totally fucked. I didn't want to disappoint my teacher so I reluctantly handed her my beloved chapstick.

Annabell took my chapstick, rolled it all the way up, bit off a huge chunk, and ate it.

This is why I don't share.


Crystal said...

Hahahhaa! This little story made me smile from ear to ear! Thanks for the good laugh :D

Anonymous said...

hearing about stories like these makes me hate people so much. except for you, christine