we're so lucky cause we never grew up.

photo credit: Ariana Rodriguez


Anonymous said...

these pictures are fantastic. :)
xo, sarah

Unknown said...

you are a doll! we should do a shoot together! i'm thinking my next etsy shoot will be a palm springs location like the shop ruche resort lookbook. you in?
also, can i do a closet sale on your blog and send the pictures and stuff?

Petite and Hungry said...

great photos. you look beautiful!


Aimless Dreamer said...

The clothes that you're wearing feels quite different from your usual neutral tones. Very pretty! I used to wear gray all the time but I've recently adopted more color in life, and it feels awesome. Oh and you look marvelous in the third photo with the star umbrella and the second to last photo!

Anonymous said...

darling you're beauteous ! Those umbrellas are great too !

Anonymous said...

whoa! you look so much like your mom in the fourth picture!
- amy