I need more support.

I bought this lace bra a little over 3 years ago at a Topshop in London for less than 10 quid and never thought it would last me so long.  I remember when I initially bought it, I thought lace was made to fall apart after one wash in the washer so I have to always hand wash.  
Hand washing my garments seemed like such a hassle to me so I usually hand wash these things on the "hand wash" cycle in my washer.  What can I say, I'm lazy.  I later discovered garment bags made to wash delicates so I bought one for my bras and another for panties.  I definitely recommend investing in these not only to save your delicates but also to separate these things easily.  Nothings more embarrassing than that moment you realized you're walking around with a thong that static-clung to my right butt cheek.  I mean your right butt cheek, not mine.
In any case, back to my story.  I just realized that I need to go get measured for a decent bra because I'm tired of walking around with terrible posture, with awful support BUT I'm scared shitless because I've never been measured and I hear it's a very personal thing.  Anyone with me on this?  It's like that yearly visit to your gynecologist; you both don't want to be there and yet you spend the next 5-10min making small talk and avoiding eye contact.  


trishie said...

I always machine wash my delicates in a garment bag and so far it works a treat! I got measure for bra size when I was 15 and yes it was a bit awkward but it only needs to happen once.

Anonymous said...

Getting measured is no big deal at all! I've gone to Nordstrom a couple of times to get measured and they did it over my shirt. I think most places do that.

Where do you find garment bags?

Anonymous said...

You do need to get measured more than once though, because your chestsize may fluctuate over time due to weight changes etc

Daniella said...

A lot of places do it over the shirt, it's not that personal. You'll be fine!

chrissstttiiine said...

@bigfea Hi Theresa! I got the garment bags from Target. They're in the laundry section.