DIY Instant Noodles

 I loving packing lunch to work because it gives me something to look forward to mid-day.  This is great because I can make 3 at once and feast throughout the week.  Just add hot water!

It's so simple, this is what I put in my DIY Instant Noodles:
Soba Noodles - I just cook these noodles for about 3 minutes, drain, then rinse.  They're nice and hardy.
Dried Seaweed - This adds such a great texture!
Frozen corn - Adds a bit of sweetness
Onion Mix - I love red onion for the flavor and green onion for the punch!
(a little) Wasabi - It's like a kick in the face!
6 Minute Egg - As soon as I get my groceries, I let half of the dozen sit out for about an hour before submerging them into a simmering bath for exactly 6 minutes.  As soon as the 6 minutes are done, I shock them with cold water and save them in my fridge for random meals throughout the week.  They're amazing for everything and anything.
Mushrooms - ugh you can't see them in these photos but I have some delicious lily mushrooms tucked behind the egg!

[add hot water]

Then I had a bit of:
Ponzu - its basically a lemony soy sauce, adds a bit of saltiness.
Sesame Oil - Just a little bit because it really does pack a punch.
Definitely try this out and let me know what you think!  What do you like to add to your noodles?


Rebecca/Janis Ahn said...

this is genius to be honest
going to try this this week for college
i always have some soba noodles and veggies laying around :--)

Anonymous said...

Christine this is amazing!! Please share more of your lunch recipes if you can. My mother bought me the most beautiful mahogany bento box and it's going to waste because all I pack are sandwiches :(