Lauren Miranda's Apartment in Highland Park --- Canon A1 with Fujifilm Superia X-TRA 400

When I don't have my contacts in, I can't focus my camera; is that weird?  Some of these photos are out of focus but I'm into it.

It's 3:35PM, rainy weather, and I've been in a Blonde Redhead kick all day.  Makino is like 50 and I still think she's one of the sexiest women I've ever seen (but not really "seen" cause I have yet to see them live).  My A.D.D. is really bad right now---System of a Down has a song called A.D.D. and it's also really good.  I named one of my short stories after lyrics from that song.  Actually; take a moment to listen to that album---it's phenomenal.  

Alright---Lauren and I used to work at the Lab together in Costa mesa.  At the time, she was working at Eye Society and I was at Arth.  When I first met her, I didn't think we'd get along cause I thought she was too proper---pretty sure I called her "some boring girl" when I first met her.  We ended up having so much in common and I've learned so much about life in general from her.  One of my closest friends now.  We will eventually do an apartment tour on her place; she just needs some time so don't pressure her, okay?!?!  

Oh, we were also roommates for a brief period of time.

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