Vietnam --- Olympus MJU-II with Fujifilm Fujichrome Velvia 50

Vietnam has a pungent, unforgettable odor---gasoline, decaying garbage, and phenomenal food.  Quite a kick in the balls for my nostrils.
Hanoi was amazing --- food is unforgettable.  I spent about a week there; stayed in the Old Quarter, wanted to "Anthony Bourdain" my trip and only eat street food until I got food poisoning for the first time in my life.  #explosivediarrhea

I went to a hardcore catholic village about an hour and a half outside of Hanoi and toward the sea (I think somewhere in Hai Phong but I'm not too sure).  Super poor area but every corner was a giant church about the size of the Notre Dame.  Here, any amount of money that is made by the people of the village is donated and invested in the catholic church where the head nun has an iPhone 7+ and lives in an air conditioned mansion.  Such a bizarre concept of faith but what do I know, I wasn't there long enough nor do I understand "faith".  Oh and they served me dog meat to which I rejected in the most polite manner I could think of while being under a load of pure pressure "I just can't stomach it."

Ha Long Bay was the best day I spent in Vietnam.  It was freezing but absolutely beautiful and everyone who went on this tour has an incredible sense of humor.  Our tour guide called the WC "Happy Rooms" and bottled water "Happy Water"--- I didn't catch on until mid-day when I finally realized we weren't getting blowjobs and beer.  Still a rad day.

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