Chrystene Ai Newman --- Canon A1 with Fujifilm Superia X-TRA 400

Not so stoked on how these photos came out---I'm having a hard time keeping up with which photos were taken on which camera so I made a decision to start switching up the film I use so I can better remember.  

In any case, this is Chrystene Ai Newman.  We share almost identical names, both pisces, both really into plants and cooking...practically the same person.

My sister, Kim just got laser eye surgery and she said it's been amazing.  I'm thinking about doing that cause I'm having a difficult time focusing the camera (as you can see from some of these photos on my A1).  I'm not saying that I'm thinking of getting that surgery cause of this particular reason but it's just one of the reasons.  It's almost $5k to do it and I figured it's worth the investment cause I wear contacts everyday and all those expenses add up.  When I turned 27, my dad said that he would buy me a nose job which I turned down (jokingly asked for a sex change instead)---maybe he'll fund this eye surgery.  

Also, my dad didn't say that to be hurtful.  Vietnamese people have a way of saying things out of a loving place so I knew what he meant and wasn't hurt by it...it's funny cause if he would've said that to anyone else, I'm sure (cause so many people I know have done this) they'd cut him off completely and never talk to him again.  I'm happy with my nose.  If I'm not going to dye my greying hair, there is no chance in hell I'd get a nose job. 

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Maria W. said...

I've always thought my poor eyesight affected the way I focus my camera. I feel less crazy knowing that someone else has this same issue.

I actually really like the last photo. When my photos come out dark, I'm usually really bothered by how harsh it looks - but yours came out soft, and the colours are nice.