Photos by Naohmi Monroe for Local Wolves

Naohmi Monroe of Local Wolves shot me for their November issue last year.  I've had these photos on my computer and I want to clear up space so I figured this is a good place for them.  I had a lot of fun during this shoot.  Much of these plants in my apartment are no longer here---had a massacre at the end of Fall and much of these plants got sick and one by one died off.  The plants that did survive were established plants so I'm thankful.

That said, I don't name my plants.  Is that weird?  I love them and all but I don't do things like sing to them---maybe that attachment is what keeps them alive longer.  Maybe if I did those things, they would've all survived that massacre.  Anywho, I DGAF anymore cause I'll just buy more or something.  Just recently learned how to clone plants so I'll prolly head in that direction.  Don't get me wrong, when it was happening, it was a tragedy but I'm over it now.  New year, new me.

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