Sidney Prawatyotin --- Olympus MJU-II with Fujifilm Superia X-TRA 400

The photos of Sid in his kitchen with the e-cig and Heath cup are there cause I told him that these cups are made specifically for "coffee and cigarettes".  I believe this to be true, I mean, look at how perfect it fits in his hands!  

Also, I quit smoking although I was never a real smoker so it's not much to quit.  That said, I've never had a cigarette I didn't like and this makes me kind of want to get in my car and take a long  drive somewhere.

There was a time in my early 20s where a pack a day was the norm for me.  It was 20 delicious breaks from whatever I was doing just to work on my breathing although it wasn't ideal.  It was 20 excuses for a short break, 20 excuses to pause and think.  It became an expensive habit and I was always broke so of course I stopped.  

Man, I just got a flood of fond memories from that past-life.  Khoa and I would always get coffee together, smoke cigs, and work on our computers---and by work, I mean I'd edit my YouTube videos or blog (fluffy shit) and he'd actually work on his graphic design projects.  I really miss that.

Yeah, I could really use a cigarette right now.

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Unknown said...

chrissstttiiine - these shots are lovely. plz tell me you know where that pink couch is from