The Crosby 9 Year Anniversary -- Olympus Infinity Mini with Fujifilm Superia X-TRA 400

It was really nice to see all these people after all these years.  It's crazy to me how some people just don't change -- makes me happy to know this group gets together every year to celebrate.  Lynnsee and I used to DJ at this bar every Thursday and I would come in even more to fill in at Khoa's post-punk night.  I've seen these people late-late in the night partying, getting tired, getting drunk, getting honest, getting hysterical, feeling lost...it's really nice to see we've all moved up here and have the ability to meet up whenever we want.

I spoke with a friend a few weeks back about how difficult it is to make new meaningful relationships as freelancers because we don't see people regularly or on a repetitive schedule like normal people.  This makes me really sad because I looked back at my closest friendships and almost everyone I am really close with I've met from work.  What am I complaining about?  I don't need anymore friends, I already have two. 

I used to use this camera way back in the day.  Small and compact but not as pocketable as the Olympus MJU-II.  I gave away all but 3 or 4 film cameras that I've been collecting throughout the years--trying to clear out things I don't need or that just don't make me happy.  Trying to take on less projects and just shoot.    

I haven't been shooting as much film I think because I have these presets on Lightroom that mimic all different types of film so for a while I thought that was sufficient but really, after getting these photos back, I know there's a feeling that is lost in my digital photographs.  Something about film really captures a feeling all my other photos are missing.  Maybe I just need to be a better photographer.  Maybe I need a better lens. 

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