SEA SF LA NY -- Olympus Infinity Mini with Kodak UltraMax 400

Lake Washington At The T Dock with Ari, Kylie, and Brandon

I came back to Seattle for the second time this past summer; there was a fire in Vancouver and Portland which smoked out Seattle.  

The weather was biblical.  

Everyone tried comparing the dense air to Los Angeles -- me, I totally saw a difference.

I met Brandon the last, last time I was up in Seattle with Lauren.  He's buddies with Anthony.  A few months prior, I was having lunch with Quinn Lake in Silver Lake when he and Miles Fortune were walking down the street and introduced us all.  Small world.

Brandon is a reliable friend and stellar photographer.  Someone once told me that I was the most reliable friend they have and I take pride in that.  Apparently, if you're never late, it means you have enough respect for someone to not stab them in the back later.  Good to know.

Lake Washington -- Kylie, Ari, and I met up with Brandon and his pup at this lake.  We got there before he did and he asked via text "Is it lit down there." and I still have no clue if lit is a good or bad thing.  I still think of Lit, the popular band from when I was in elementary school, when someone brings up "lit".  A.Jay Popoff was my dream man back in the day.

In any case, I met up for coffee and a day drink with him the next day and he showed up in an all orange kit, on his orange motorcycle wearing an orange helmet.  I told him briefly about Rich and the curse of the orange helmet which (now that I think of it) was kind of awful to mention because it really doesn't change anything.  Brandon has an orange helmet and Rich is still gone.  I didn't bring it up to be facetious, I just don't think before I speak sometimes.    

Pike Place Gum Wall -- so fucking disgusting.  I have this serious phobia (or maybe that is just truly nasty) with anything that goes into your mouth and is taken out.  Gum, seeds, pits from fruit, fucking olives with pits, bones, popsicle sticks, etc.  you get the picture.  I can't be around it, I'll lose my appetite if someone eats cherries around me and spits it out on the table.  Even if its spat out into a designated bowl.  I don't know man, just looking at these photos.  I understand that the colors are visually rich but I can't stand it.  Ari's outfit is rad though -- if you squint in one eye and don't look out the other; it looks like she's fully tatted. 

Canh, Ari, and I went to an art show called Out of Sight and then an art fair down the street the following day.  I think those two art shows are rivals but I don't really know for sure.  

We art'd so much.  Could you smell our art from there?  Did you just art?

Ari thinks that Canh and I are the same person cause we share the same last name, are both pisces, and...actually, I think that's all.  I guess we are similar in some ways.  Any who, Canh is subletting my roommate's room for a couple months starting October (I'm going to be gone for much of it).  It'll be cool to have him around for Fall. 

Sierra and Bubs in SF -- have you ever seen a love so deep?  Sierra and Nick (her boyfriend) absolutely adore their cat.  They walk him outside on a leash and talk about building a catio (patio for cats) right outside their apartment window.  I had that amount of love for Heath once...I think now its pushed onto Wednesday who isn't even mine.  I wonder how annoying that must be for Donny.

Chris in Oakland -- he doesn't these photos cause his hair isn't up to par :-(

Bobby and Arrow in Silver Lake; they're moving out of this house so I asked if I could shoot an apartment tour before they leave.  I always hope that it'll bring good memories in the future cause where you live and how you live is so intimate and personal.  In this case, Bobby just got Arrow a few months ago so reflecting on this video in the future when he's no longer a puppy hopefully would be kinda cool.  Such a sweet sweet pup; he's a black german Shepard -- wonder if he'd get along with Wednesday.    

Gillian, Timmy, and Kelly in NY -- I hit up Timmy during lunch with Gill to meet up last week.  The cool thing was that I hit him up during his only few hours off work on his only day off that week.  Talk about good timing.  Oh, and he was on this way to the restaurant we were eating at -- what are the odds.  

Also, pigeons prefer pizza over apples -- who would've thought.    

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