epic yard sale -- Contax G1 with Agfa Vista 400

Remember what I said about rewarding yourself with positive thoughts?  Well I fucked up and shot this entire roll out of focus.  That goes to show, doesn't matter how expensive the camera is or how great the film, how rad the subject -- the photographer can fuck it all up.

I was trying to think long and hard about where this might be and then I just realized this is at Ian's apartment in Ventura and I still need to ask him if he has all my textbooks from film school but I keep forgetting.  

Drew came with my sister Linda and I've been pressuring him to take a new LinkdIn photo for a while and I seriously thought this was my chance but it came out so so blurry.  I'm a fucking noob.

Austin Leis was the most hungover and yet he still came out.  What a guy!

Maya Sonico came to sell some home goods and her sister's vintage.

I think her name is Janet but I'm not 100% sure.  She's friends with Maya.

Joe or "Joseph" as Kirill would call him.  I asked him if he and Kirill are best friends and he said "well, we work together..." kinda lingering off and that made me realize that every time I see two men who are super close, like spend every day together and share the same communal language, they won't admit to being best friends.  Why is that?  It's so rare to find that kind of friendship, why not acknowledge it?  Dunno man.

Jeanette and her momma -- her parents are so cute.

Cute couple, don't know who they are but they look like they came right out of a Hollywood movie.

The most expression from bokvan you'll ever see.

Austin and Korra who was off leash the entire time!  She's fucking rad.  Austin had a jar of weed on his table and kept asking "hey, do you like flowers?" which is the only time I've heard a dad joke from him.  Was that even meant to be a dad joke?

Angela said that of the 4 years they've been together, they just don't take pictures together.  

That was me with everyone I've ever dated and for so long I thought it was cause the guys I've dated were never really proud of being with me but I think now that its really just as simple as enjoying the time together.  Maybe it's a bit of both.  

Man, so much crippling self doubt this AM -- I haven't had my coffee.  I don't know if you can tell but This is the space I word vomit my thoughts and they say that the average human has 75% negative thoughts in a day.  Isn't that sad?  Most of our thoughts don't even amount to anything and yet they are still mostly negative.  I really need to work on getting outside my head cause sometimes it's so terrifyingly draining.

I wonder what's going on in this photo.  Looks like a friendly rap battle.

Sophia got this little ceramic vase; she just bought a house in the neighborhood -- DAMN I'm so proud of her.  

Stephanie Villa always looking like a badass.  That lipstick, especially in real life, is applied the most perfectly I've ever seen.  It truly is an art form.

I can't believe these girls made it out!  They say people in LA are very flaky but time after time, "they" are proven wrong.  They, what do they know.  These girls are reliable AF.

Lisa Cole, "portrait or painting".  Lisa's section was always so busy, I'm so thrilled she made it out.

Phil and Cyn -- there's a girl at the coffee shop I go to who goes by Cyn and I started calling Cynthia that by default but dude I never got permission.  She's just more of a Cyn than a Cynth to me.

Khoa killed it DJing at this thing!!  I'm always so impressed by him -- we're going to have a DJ night at The Hawk in Long Beach every 3rd Thursday and I am a little nervous cause I'm not a turn up DJ by any means.  Nick used to call me "the hugger" cause as soon as I went on, people would stand up, hug each other, and leave.

This photo of Serein and Chris is my favorite photo on this roll.  I love a love like their's.

Allison or Alyson?  Shit!  I only know her name but not how she spells it!?! 

Will I ever be a "krissstttiiine"?



Allison and Sam from Collage, the coffee shop I go to daily, came to my yard sale after their long day at work!  It was so nice seeing them outside of the coffee shop -- someone said that they're like therapists and I completely agree.  Most days that's the only chance I get to talk to someone IRL so I feel like I kind of unload a ton on them and when I walk away, I feel so so guilty cause I can't be the only one doing the same and it must be so draining to have that sort of connection with so many people all day, everyday.  I've always had and will always have so much respect for people in coffee.

Phil and Jeanette -- so so blurry but such a beautiful couple.

Timmy is in town from NY and just happened to fall on this rad rad weekend.  I love going out to eat with him cause he's got such a passion for food.  He's going to be the next 'Samurai Gourmet'...just give it 40 years.

Cynthia Son told me that we as humans need to be touched 7 times a day to stay sane which blew me away cause most days I don't even get a human interaction cause I work from home.  I love working from home but it gets so lonely and this fact really truly deeply made me sad.  I need to make more of an effort, I'm losing touch.

Benh from YEAR901

The cutest couple/dream team.

Nate Cole, not the real estate man, the musician.

Lovely Lisa Cole

Mike Lee should've named his dog "Spike".

Val Carisma


I didn't finish the roll but wanted to get it developed so here are some unintentional shots.

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