Olympus Infinity 80 with Portra 400

Angel asked me to open and play an early set at The Pike in Long Beach last Friday and I was so nervous, I threw up an hour before when I was picking out my records.  Literally sick to my stomach.  

I called and texted a few friends before spinning to calm myself down and I really can't explain clearly why I was so nervous.  I've lived in Long Beach so so long before moving back and I've been to The Pike so many times, I can't even keep track.  So many memories at this bar and for all those years, I've never played music there.  They never wanted me...then suddenly, my first week back I'm playing jazz records for all these people I've shared so many memories with.  It's kind of surreal. 

I'm happy everyone came out.  

That said, I'm an idiot for shooting Portra with flash...it's better for daytime.

This Olympus Infinity 80 is Chris Velasco's -- he traded a few cameras with me and I was testing this one out that night.  To be honest, I like the images but hate the camera.  It's too slow.

Ann, Madelynn, and Cynthia

I like the glare on the right side cause it's like a ghost was captured in this photo.  Who took this pic?

Khoa and Jeanne

Angel, party DJ of Long Beach.  I seriously don't know how he has so much stamina to host so many events so many nights and so many different bars.  It's insane.

Chris Sugino and his girlfriend just moved to LB too!!  I'm so stoked he's around -- known this guy since I was 17!!

Peace in the middle east; rain in Spain! 

Ian used to work at Blends, I think.  He's friends with Chris and lived in Highland Park for a while but for some reason we never hung out in LA.  

I'm telling you, Long Beach has this power over people and it's acceptable to fangirl and be your true uncool self.  No chill is the new chill.

I think they might be new best friends.

Kurumi and Joe

Goddamn I forget her name and I met her 2 days in a row!!  Super pretty lashes though, how could I forget!!

Jordan is rad -- it's crazy how you can hang out with someone for a couple hours a day consecutively for a few days and suddenly, you feel like family.  I feel like I've known him all my life.

Cynthia Son and Darren De La Cruz

Mother fuck...what's his name again?  Edwin?  I have to look at the flyer.  Wait!  I didn't look yet, IT'S FABS.

Donny, always got some chick laughing.

Summer Jordan in the house!

What was I doing, sitting at this booth all by my lonesome self?  Who took this pic?

Billy is more of a Billy than a William, never Will or Bill.

Kurumi and Billy

Donny & Ian #2

Chastin and Jordan

Casey and Cody, such a beautiful couple.

Phil Nisco, always so happy.

Damn, Jeanette looks like a freaking celebrity here!

I love this photo of Joe. 

If Billy and Joe start a YouTube, I think they'd kill it cause they're hilarious together.  It should be called JOE AND "SILENT" BILL.

Awe Kyle -- Crosby crew comin in strong


This photo is amazing not only cause they both have rad rad hair BUT cause I just noticed ERIC in the center!!  Jesus Christ, how did I miss that?!

Oh, Eric!

So, Chris lived in Long Beach forever and used to work in Coffee and every time I came in and saw him, he'd give me free coffee and say he's putting it on Ian's tab.  I wonder how big that tab is today.

In any case, he moved to Colorado or something like that over the summer of 2017 and I was so bummed that Long Beach lost it's most warm and welcoming man.  So happy he's back.

Phil Nisco, #DITC (digging in the crates)

Angel and Edwin

Chris Sugino with a jacket on looks so different from Chris Sugino with no jacket on, tattoos exposed.

Emily <3 p="">

She's got the cutest dimples!

Joe Perri, one of my favorite photographers, showed up!!  Crazyyyyyyy.  It blew my mind!  I think I fangirl'd too hard with all that liquid courage -- must have been so annoying.  I feel so stupid.


On the nose!

This photo is hilarious.  Why can't they all be like this?

Right after Maddie took a shot -- look at that facial expression!  Priceless.

Damn it, forgot his name!  Friends with Casey

Who took this pic?

Yeah, at this point I was pretty wasted.

I love how it looks like they just made out cause Ann's lipstick is all smudged BUT that wasn't the case at all

Hell yeah, pimp

Looks like a cute couple arguing about something...gotta love LOVE.

Was Joe dancing?

My god, he was dancing, wasn't he?

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