Olympus Stylus 105 with Kodak Gold 200

6 minutes eggs.  I'm not doing the vegan thing anymore :-(

Brian Chor at Modernica

I Hate You, Just Kidding -- Jessi and Jeremy Brock
Cynthia Son came to support
Keri Gross also came to support
Chris Sugino
Tim, Mack, and Jen
Jeremy and Jessi Brock

So Jessi asked if I wanted to DJ their show at the Wayfarer in Costa Mesa a couple weeks ago and I said YES with much excitement cause I haven't been to that venue since it had been called Detroit Bar.  Lynnsee and I used to DJ there all the time and the set up was completely different.  The first and last thing I remembered about spinning there was for a show with Vincent Gallo and I was told he's a jerk but when I met him, he was so so nice.  I ran into him once in Highland Park as well and again, he was super sweet so that sucks so many people think he's an asshole.  

In any case, I told a few of my friends I was DJing and they came out!  I brought this camera because its flash-happy.

Ella in Scottsdale, AZ.  We had a rad 2 days of thrifting around town and catching up.

Arcosanti, Arizona -- so magical.

I'm kind of disappointed in myself because these landscapes of Arizona (from Arcosanti to Jerome to Prescott) -- I mean, they're just not to scale and I know any real photographer would take that into account.  These are just not as impressive as actually being there in the moment.  Oh well.

Ian Sullivan in Long Beach.

Ann is a huge Elliot Smith fan -- has been since middle school/high school.
C'mon!  She's not actually reading!

My cousin Thuy and her family came to Orange County this past weekend to visit my grandma.  She's Australian and her husband is British so you can imagine what their kids' accents sound like.  INSANE but cute.

Alright, so some of these pics came out blurry cause you can't really control how sharp the images come out once to shut off the flash.  I don't really like flash all that much but my hands aren't that steady either so that's that.  I mailed out this camera to Kelly Mittendorf in New York so hopefully she'll get some good photos out of it.

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