Lomography Simple Use Disposable Camera

I took some photos of Sam late February for for Urban Outfitters and Disposable Magazine but the camera got lost and they couldn't identify who these belonged to and the publication just came out and I didn't claim these in time.  I showed them to Sam and he said it's probably for the best.

I forgot how much I love disposable cameras -- they're fantastic.  Quality isn't the best but man, how rad is it to carry around a non-committal camera you can toss around, fuck up, possibly never even develop?  The cool thing about this one is that you can reload and keep shooting so technically, it's not very disposable.  You can use it again and again.

I want to practice taking more portraits -- haven't been motivated by anything lately and I think coming back from Europe this time around and having no concrete travel plans coming up -- this is a good time to hone in on all my hobbies, yeah?

Here are some things I can keep myself busy with:
youtube - edit that cue
photo - clear out cameras and film, take more photos 
write - well, read and write.  I've been sharing more of my written stuff
records - clear out, consolidate cause it's a wreck 

sewing class - find a class and sign up
patchwork flag - break down collection of swatches
cookbook - get on it

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