Kodak Gold 200 with Olympus Infinity 200 - what happened here?

What is your commitment to the total human development?

My buddy Eric asked our group of friends this question over dinner a few months back and I constantly think about it.  Always repeating in the back of my brain and a reset button of sorts.

I don't know how this happened with the slit images; also, is it just me or is Maddie grabbing Reid's ear?
I love how even though we are all full grown adults, I still have the capacity to be a child with this crew.  
Cameron is a very talented photographer
In film school, they taught us to never wear clothing that would pick up strange on camera like tiny dots cause it could get jumpy on screen.  These two look good on film tho so fuck that noise.
Brian is the most positive person I've ever met.  I was talking to him about how I'm consistently impressed and surprised by my friends which is a liberating feeling and he went full cult leader status on me with his passion in the subject.  

Pretty drunk, pretty rad.  Law of attraction in a sense.
Sarah is seriously glowing!
The couple I'm always rooting for
Molly and I went to High School together -- kinda insane to me how we're just now starting to become friends.  She's so inspiring. 
Man I really hope he's doing well in Ventura -- I always so worried about him being lonely.  I had a dream the other night that he was trying so hard to prove to me that he has friends in his new town and I know he does but I can't help but still worry.  I know it's not my responsibility but I just want to know he's doing well there.
I wonder what they were talking about.
Man, they used to be roommates -- actually we all used to be roommates.  Crazy how much has changed but then again, so much has remained the same.

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