Got a wake up call extra early this morning cause she's two hours ahead and an early riser.

"Have you ever smoked first thing in the morning?  I'm walking around the neighborhood, listening to music, and I've never felt happier.  I get why people wake and bake."

She hung up on me before I could answer so I went back to sleep.

Having cancer does not make you a saint —but what I hate most is how everyone treats me -- as if I’m some fragile sculpture.  He’s so beautiful, so smart, so thoughtful — nah, nah I’m still that asshole who stole your parking spot last week you mother fucker. 

I had an uncle who’d gone religious after they told him he was 100% cancer free.  With this triumph came an overdeveloped sense of self importance — and everyone paid attention.  No, people don’t change that much.

At any rate, I’ve never been comfortable with weed; it pulls me in two completely different dimensions; just unpredictable.  

When the apocalypse settles; will I remember to move the car in time for street sweeping?

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