split faith

my parents were divorced; split faith, is that a thing?
half mormon, half catholic -- depends on the weekend.

i've been stoned for 25 years.  
smoking weed doesn't make me a cool dad -- they know.
kids theses days either smoke weed, or juul.
cigarettes are no longer on the spectrum.

i've got a 22 y/o, 15 y/o, and 14 y/o.
only smoked with the middle kid --
divided love, is that a thing?

we raised them as cafeteria catholics;
you know, pick and choose when we go to church.
christmas and easter.  is that a thing?

their mom left 2 years ago
and the oldest didn't come home for a month.
the heartbreak was so intense, 
he converted faith as a coping mechanism.

i asked him how meditation was going
and out came a seemingly rehearsed;
almost sing-songy response about the elements
as he closed his eyes
was shut out

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