YOLO works both ways

that's twenty chances a day to take a quick break; float outside my head and focus on my breathing.  and every time i quit, i come back stronger.

YOLO, unless you're Buddhist

we don't do it to look cool cause now, it's just embarrassing -- the juul changed that for everyone.  i left the airport the other day and our common ground was bleak.  i used to think we had a communal language; a mutual understand of the world and of one another.  the "i'll be in the back patio" nod is no longer an option cause it's 2019 and it's reserved for a bday party of 12.

YOLA; feminism

sipping coffee, after breakfast (lunch and dinner), drinking drinks, short drives, (but especially) long drives, work breaks...

and every time i wash my hair, i am forgiven.  resurrected.  this is the time to be a better me.  i'm not addicted, you're addicted.

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