1-Chevy Nomad toy car
2-Wooden Sculpture (head in ass)
3-Ceramic tit
4-Carl Aubock brass foot 
5-Robert Maxwell critter
6-Mold of hand
7-Ceramic failure (glazed)

1-Fisher Price kid tough
2-Yashica electro 35
3-Canon R800
4-Fujifilm x100F
5-Leica M6
6-Contax T

2-Grow with your plants
3-Who is sleeping on my pillow
4-Anatomy of contemporary furniture 
5-After dark 
6-LE GUN 1,2,3
7-The cooks’ catalog

i took half an edible and it got me thinking a lot about what my dad said this past weekend.  really bummed me out so i thought of what i could do to keep my mind occupied so i started taking photos of things around my apartment (all while rehearsing comebacks for everything he had said).  i wish i was better at standing up for myself.

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