I drove to the gas station this morning.

I fill up once a week now.

Back to my story. I promise this is heading somewhere.

I drove to the gas station this morning, parked my car at 18, got out of my car, and walked in to pay for my tank.

Walked right into the sliding glass doors.

No. It doesn't end there.

I went to Ikea.

I stood outside for what felt like forever. The sliding glass doors refused to open for me.

I had to wait for another customer to walk in to follow their shadow.

You know you're invisible when automatic sliding glass doors no longer open for you.

I spent last night stuck in a crack that separates David's bed from his walls.

Without a blanket.

You know you're invisible when you call out someone's name a dozen times and they can't hear you.

I went to work today and saw someone I knew. I waved. He didn't wave back.

He eventually came in the store, looked at hats, tried some on, and then finally said, "Oh hey, I didn't see you there."

Fuck you Dan. Fuck you.