lets eat.

I feel like I haven't stopped eating this week. For some reason, I forget to take photographs to document my gluttonous lifestyle. These are the few photos I did take in the past few days.

Ka Ju Tofu in Garden Grove with Chris. I love Korean food. Almost as much as I love Thai food. I always get the same thing whenever I come here-the Mushroom Tofu Soup. It's our tradition.

Haus of Pizza in Costa Mesa with Donny, William, and Satoshi. Team ARTH had a going-away dinner for William here. Since Donny and Satoshi love meat, they always share. William and I slitted an artichoke pizza; delicious. Look how happy Donny is...and William...just realized that a moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips.

The Coffee Cup Cafe in Long Beach with Nick. We ended up both ordering the same thing; the "Siena Omelet", but with a few different alterations.

This omelet comes with spinach, mushrooms, cheese, bacon, and green onions. I ordered mine with artichokes instead of spinach. So glad I did. Not to mention, they supply you with a ridiculous amount of choices for salsa. I kind of went crazy.


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jessica said...

hello. i saw your wardrobe videos on youtube and i have to say that you have electric taste! :)

painting tessellations said...

hi i recently added you and just wanted to say i used to go to college in orange county and while i was there i would often go to ka ju tofu. i seriously miss it. in my hometown (new orleans), there is not really much variety in korean food. :(