lip markers.

Too many people have been talking smack on my favorite way to apply color to my lips. LIP MARKERS. People complain that their markers dry out too fast and that they only get a legitimate amount of pigmentation the first couple of times.

These problems haven't been an issue to me. I've had my markers for over 3 months and they're still give off a great amount of color distribution. Could it be because of the way I store them? I always leave the pens in a cup with the point facing down. This helps the ink sink to the tip of the marker, which ensures the right amount of product distribution. I like to keep them in the cup-holder in my car as well because its convenient, and I like to believe the heat helps sink the product. Try it out, it could work for you.


post grad life said...

Hey! ive been following you on youtube and just noticed your blog, too! i loooove lip color too, but never really got a lip stain til i tried to tarte ones...they're pretty worth checking out, but pretty glossy looking, just warning ya, but super hydrating. i have the hot pink one, amused, and get a lot of compliments on it too ;)

Anonymous said...

ooh can you please do swatches of the colors you currently have, and your thoughts about each? I would love to know what you think about them. Thank you! :)

Catie! said...

Since you really like lipstains, Vincent Longo's lip and cheek gel! It's really cool - I have mine in Liquid Kiss.